10 people arrested while trying to attend Maina Njenga Case

10 people arrested while trying to attend Maina Njenga Case

On the way to the Nakuru Law Courts to hear the case of former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, 10 people were arrested.

After being forbidden from entering the compound, four suspects who had used the adjournment to grab a cup of tea were also not present in court.

This is true even though the court permitted the prosecution and defense to set up appointments and permit specific individuals to enter the premises.

Following demonstrations against the overwhelming police presence at Nakuru Law Courts, the case did not begin as planned.

In an attempt to keep people away, lawyer Ndegwa Njiru said it was improper for armed police officers to block all the roads leading to the Nakuru Law Courts.

If friends and family of the twelve accused were not permitted to attend the court hearing, he threatened to stage a protest on behalf of the defense.

He gave Chief Magistrate Kipkurui Kibelion instructions to call the Commander of the Nakuru County Police and direct him to call back all of the extra police officers stationed near the Nakuru Law Courts.

“Even lawyers are not being allowed in court before showing identity cards to prove that they are members of the Law Society of Kenya,” he stated.

The defense’s prayers were rejected by prosecutor Wycliffe Omwenga, who claimed that the court could not accommodate all of the friends and family members.

He stated that Monday’s courtroom congestion was the reason behind a witness’s fainting.

Judge Kibelion observed that although the court was unable to admit everyone, the prosecution and defense could discuss who should be permitted entry.

Njenga and the co-accused are accused of a number of offenses, including recruiting individuals into an illegal grouping, attending an unlawful meeting, and illegally possessing firearms and marijuana.

The crimes were allegedly committed in the Githioro neighborhood of Wanyororo in the Bahati Sub-County between May 11 and May 12.


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