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2 Employees steal 94.9m meant for Quickmart Supermarket

A driver in the Central Business District (CBD) went missing on Monday after he was given the assignment of moving Ksh94 million from quickmart to a nearby bank.

The money was supposed to be sent to a supermarket in Nairobi, and the driver was accompanied by the crew commander of the company.

The event reportedly occurred about 6:00 a.m.

Before they vanished, the pair abandoned the car they had used to steal money from the security company’s vault.

According to early accounts, the car was abandoned in Nairobi’s South C estate before the suspects disappeared.

When detectives arrived on the location, they discovered the abandoned car and no sign of the money.

Since the suspects left the company’s offices without the customary police escort, the authorities claim that the heist was prearranged.

The first to sound the alert were the Administration Police (AP) officers who were supposed to accompany them.

The investigation manager for the company reported the issue to the Akila Police Station in Lang’ata following the AP officers’ alert.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have subsequently taken up the case.

As of the reporting period, the security company had not released a statement about the theft.

Cash-in-transit services are provided by security organizations to banks and other businesses that deal with large transactions. To protect the money, APs provide escort services.

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