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22 Year Old Student Stabbed to Death By Lover Next to Police Station

The 22-year-old student at Kiambu County’s Kanjuku Vocational Training Center lost her life after being fatally stabbed by her abandoned lover, who had met her in the hopes of recovering her misplaced phone.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, the mother of the deceased, Mary Wanjiku, disclosed that the alleged lover had called her daughter, saying that she had found the phone, and asked to meet close to the Gatundu Police Station.

Wanjiku claimed that her daughter Alice Wangechi, who had just gotten back from school, had consented to see her partner. The tragic stabbing happened during this conference.

But Wangechi’s father was perplexed as to why his daughter died so close to the police station, which is supposed to be a secure location full with law enforcement personnel.

Wangechi’s family characterized her as a happy youngster with a gift for learning and a great desire to learn. Before her tragic demise, she was enrolled in a beauty and hairdressing course.

Additionally, Wangechi’s mother revealed that her daughter had struggled with diabetes at a young age.

To find the truth, the family is pleading with the police to carry out a comprehensive inquiry.

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