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3 robbery suspects shot dead in Kasarani and a pistol recovered

Three robbery suspects using violence were shot and killed by police in Kasarani, Nairobi, and they also found tools for breaking into houses.

The males who were killed had a handmade pistol that the authorities claimed they had also found.

Tuesday night’s event involved men who were allegedly planning to commit a crime being approached by police in Chieko while they were on patrol.

In addition, the group has been robbing homeowners of their money and possessions.

One suspect, according to the police, was shot and fled, and his body was discovered a short distance from the location of the incident.

He was revealed to be a collaborator with the individuals who had been slain in a previous scenario.

Locals in Kamuteini reported to the police that they had discovered a body next to a school along the river. It was later determined that the deceased belonged to the group that the police had shot at earlier.

In order to await identification and an autopsy, the bodies were taken to the mortuary.

This takes the total number of suspects murdered by police in the city in the last two days in the increased fight against crime to five.

According to the police, more crimes are anticipated in the days ahead.

According to police, most thugs target inhabitants on estates for cash and cell phones.

Adamson Bungei, the head of Nairobi police, stated that in order to reduce insecurity, the city’s activities have been strengthened.

He promised to step up efforts to curb violent crimes in the city, but he also issued a warning that they would climb.

In order to raise money for celebrations, most suspects escalate their attacks, which can occasionally turn deadly and violent, he said.

When attacked, he counseled victims to always cooperate.

The death of a boda boda rider whose body was discovered in Mlango Kubwa, Nairobi, with stab wounds is under investigation by the police.

The victim, who had three stab wounds to the skull and edema from blunt object trauma, was found on a mound of gravel behind kiosks.

The deceased was a local boda boda rider.

Locals believe that the death was caused by a violent altercation between two groups of boda boda operators in the region over control of the company.

It is believed that his body was transported by boat from the main battle area to the spot where the dead body was discovered.

According to the police, the owners have been at odds over a parking lot and a car wash for a long time.

In an effort to apprehend the suspects, investigations into the murder are still underway.

In preparation for the post-mortem, the body was taken to the city mortuary.

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