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4 people charged in court for harassing professor over loud prayers

A math professor is accused of leading rowdy night prayers on his recently bought land, which led to four others, including a doctor, being charged with attacking and assaulting him.

The following people were charged together with attacking Professor Wilfred Sawanda: Ednah Saeyi Khaemba, Maurice Obiero, James Nyamweya Mwamba, and Dr. Geoffrey Masika Wechuli.

The incident happened in Racecourse Estate in Kapseret Sub County on November 9, 2014, the prosecution informed the court.

Dr. Masika, one of the defendants, stated in court that Prof. Sawanda was in fact attacked by irate neighbors who were displeased with the loud prayers and odd chanting.

He continued by saying that neighbors were suspicious of what was happening inside the property after discovering lit candles along the fence during the midnight incident.

But Dr. Masika denied being one of the irate neighbors who allegedly attacked the complainant, claiming that his hypocritical medical professional oath kept him from doing harm to others.

After denying the accusations, the four defendants were freed on bond.

The defense’s hearing in the case has been postponed to January 24, 2024, by Chief Magistrate Mogire Onkoba.

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