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8 People Arraigned in Court Over 439 Trillion Dollar Megafraud

Eight fraudsters have been charged with a crime after being charged with robbing the Viraj Godown management of $400 billion.

According to reports, the accused committed the crime in Nairobi’s Embakasi neighborhood.

The prosecution claims that they were paid Sh5.4 million as a facilitation fee in order to move Viraj Godown’s $400 trillion USD.

But during that process, they vanished until a police report was made, which resulted in their apprehension.

The eight defendants, according to the prosecution, were also discovered in possession of 13,800 counterfeit US dollars in notes worth $100.

In addition, the eight were discovered in possession of two jungle green trousers, two military jackets, two pairs of Angola shorts that resembled the uniform of the Administration Police Service, and three military boots—all without a written order from the Inspector General of Police.

Because they pose a flight risk, the prosecution has opposed their release on bond or bail.

The investigating officer’s sworn affidavit states that the fixed abode is unknown.

On November 21, 2023, the court will make a decision regarding the bail and bond application.

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