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82-year-old man loses 2.5m to scammers who used AI voice

It makes sense to assist a loved one who is in need. For this reason, when an 82-year-old man from Sugar Land received a call requesting that he release his son-in-law from jail, he went straight to the bank to take out cash.

However, it appears that the call might have been produced by AI, and regrettably, the criminals managed to escape with thousands.

Eyewitness News investigated the ease of use of these voice-cloning techniques.

21st October is a day he will never forget.

He claimed to have received a call from a man posing as a member of the San Antonio Police Department informing him that his son-in-law was jailed for causing an accident.

Jerry believed Michael Trueblood had called at that point to explain his situation.

Jerry said the caller informed him that in order to free Michael, he would first need to obtain $9,500 in cash, and then another $7,500. He proceeded to the bank, obtained it, and then waited for a courier driver at the Sugar Land elderly care home where he and his spouse reside.

He has now lost $17,000.

As more and more voice-cloning techniques surface, computer expert and EndTAB creator Adam Dodge said that we can no longer rely just on our eyes and ears to distinguish between fake and real.

Though Jerry noted the license plate numbers of the vehicles that collected his money, the Sugar Land Police Department was unable to obtain a warrant for the vehicles they were associated with.

They’re looking into it, and the cops have a report, albeit it’s not very clear.
Jerry is currently cautioning others.

Eyewitness News didn’t want to provide malicious individuals with a step-by-step guide on how to clone a voice, but websites and Microsoft apps allow for the practice.

Experts advise hanging up and giving the individual you’re speaking to a call to make sure you’re talking to them right away. With specific software, someone can clone your voice in around three seconds. We recommend against answering numbers you are unfamiliar with.

If you do, go as soon as something doesn’t feel right.

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