A five-story building in Kabete collapses

At Least 4 People Reported Dead as Building Collapses in Eastleigh

Nearby residents of a five-story building in Mugumo-ini, Kabete, Kiambu County, narrowly avoided catastrophe when the building collapsed due to a structural breakdown.

To ascertain the precise causes of this tragedy, authorities from the National Construction Authority (NCA) and the Police Inquiry Department have initiated a comprehensive inquiry.

The building’s construction was finished, but the occupants hadn’t moved in yet.

The event did not result in any reported injuries.

According to a local in the area, she said that there was a bit of tremor in the area that lasted about 5 minutes. Later they saw dust in the direction of the building which was later accompanied by the building collapse.

According to a local person from the area, he said that the first two floors were the ones that seemed to have sunk after the collapse.

Residents had not yet occupied the building as it seems as construction may not have been complete. Only one person living in the building seemed like the caretaker.

His whereabouts and condition have not yet been confirmed.


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