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A police officer manning exams killed while another injured

Siaya police are looking into an incident where two police officers were stationed at the ongoing exams and one of them was killed.

Two thugs emerged from a nearby thicket, just as the two uniformed officers and the principal of Mahero Secondary School were leaving the school after being dropped off by bus.

Julius Otieno, a commissioner for Siaya County, verified the incident and stated that inquiries are still underway.

“The loss of one of our officers saddens us. Otieno verified, “An additional person has been hurt and is on their way to the Siaya County Referral Hospital.

The attack took place in front of the Mahero school gate at approximately 7:55 in the morning.

Throughout the altercation, two guns were lost.

Exactly what kind of weapons the thugs were using was not immediately apparent.

“The two police officers were with the principal. A knife was used to attack another person,” he claimed.

The teacher and the security guards were in charge of the Geography Paper 1.

Otieno reported that the instructor was able to flee to safety while carrying the exam papers.

“The examination’s integrity has not been interfered with and the students are on with their exams,” he stated.

In an effort to defuse the unexpected attack, a KNEC and security team spoke with the students, the supervisor, and the invigilators.

In order to catch the offenders, the county commissioner urged the populace to volunteer and provide insightful information while assuring them of security.

They arrived on foot and left on foot as well. They didn’t come down from above. Please provide us investigators with any useful information so we can find the criminals,” Otieno said.

Robert Ng’etich, the deputy county commissioner for Siaya, stated that they won’t go to sleep until the thugs have been apprehended and the guns have been found.

Manase Musyoka, the commander of the Nyanza regional police, stated that the incident is being looked into.

According to local Jackim Otieno, both the deceased’s and the survivor’s bodies bore stab wounds.

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