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Aaron Cheruiyot refutes claims that bipartisan talks will eat upto 106 million

Aaron Cheruiyot, the majority leader in the Senate, has refuted reports that the bipartisan talks team will earn allowances worth Ksh106 million.

Cheruiyot refuted claims that the meetings were paid for using tax dollars in a statement.

According to a local publication, the majority of the Ksh106 million would cover the ten-person team’s allowances, with the remainder going to venue, security, and food costs as well as the allowances for the technical team.

For the 20 sittings, they will co-chair, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Majority Leader of the National Assembly Kimani Ichung’wa will receive Ksh50,000 apiece. This comes to Ksh 2 million in total.

The salaries of the remaining eight members of the dialogue committee would total Ksh40,00 per meeting, or Ksh6.4 million for the 20 meetings.

The technical team for the bipartisan talks was also set to get Ksh25,000 per session.

This amount is Ksh4 million for the 60-day period because this squad has 8 members.

Other expenses stated in the report include Ksh8 million for a retreat in Naivasha and Ksh4.6 million to be paid to Bomas of Kenya as the host.

The expenses included Ksh1.2 million for plane travel, Ksh2.4 million for advertising, and Ksh10 million for printing the finished product.

Kenyans have expressed outrage over the startling figure, calling it a waste of resources.

The story, however, is undermined by Cheruiyot’s claim, leaving Kenyans with more questions than answers.

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