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Armed men shoot woman while posing as police officers.

Armed men posing as police officials broke into the home of a middle-aged woman in Migori County on Thursday, shot her, and forced her family to go to the Migori County Police Station.

The woman described the incident to the media, claiming that the armed men had searched their neighborhood for her.

They knocked on her door when they arrived at her house, introduced themselves as police, and said they required her at the police station because of a report she had filed.

The victim had reported the attack by unidentified individuals that had left her seriously hurt at the Migori police station a week prior to this occurrence.

The armed guys, in her account, said they had captured the perpetrators and demanded that she positively identify them at the police station.

Even though her kids were scared and uncertain, she obliged with their request and opened the door.

Despite the woman’s repeated requests for them to release her family, they pulled out a revolver and shot her in the back, leaving her bleeding and collapsing.

Her kids fled screaming for help, terrified by the incident. The children managed to flee unscathed despite the armed men’s attempts to shoot at them.

After the disturbance, bystanders went to the scene and discovered the woman laying on the ground, while the armed individuals had fled the area.

She received emergency medical care at the Migori County Referral Hospital.

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