Atheists complain about a church’s “noise pollution” to NEMA.


Harrison Mumia, the president of the Atheists In Kenya Society, has officially complained to the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) about noise pollution coming from a nearby church in Saika, Nairobi.

Mumia described his two-year battle with the noise pollution caused by the church’s potent loudspeakers during its Friday night Keshas and Sunday worship services in an email to NEMA.

He highlighted that the ongoing disturbance is in violation of the city’s noise pollution standards, which is what prompted him to contact the environmental authority for aid.

In an effort to resolve the issue with the church by October 31, 2023, he asked NEMA to step in and help.

NEMA responded to Mumia’s complaint by promising that they will look into the matter right away.


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