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Baby falls into boiling porridge after fights erupt over chamaa money

A fight over Ksh. 1700 Chamaa (self-help group) money resulted in the death of a two-month-old baby boy who had fallen into hot porridge.

The incident happened in the Ndhiwa constituency of Homa Bay County at Koduol ‘B’ village, South East sub location.

When Chamaa members arrived at Sheldon Churchill’s mother’s house to demand debt payment, the baby, identified as Sheldon Churchill, fell into the porridge that was at the highest boiling point on a jiko.

The 19-year-old mother of the child, Sharon Auma, claims that roughly 20 of her Chamaa members broke into her home to get payment for a debt she owed them, but because she was short on cash, there was a violent altercation.

She clarified that she had only paid back Ksh. 800 of the Ksh. 2500 loan that she had taken out from the Chamaa.

She was under intense pressure from the group members to return the remaining Ksh. 1700 or risk having her belongings put up for auction.

When the Chamaa members decided to seize Auma’s sixteen gorogoros of dry maize in order to pay off the debt, the conflict grew more heated.

Auma says that two women shoved her during that altercation, causing the unborn child to fall into the boiling porridge. She was attempting to bar the group members from entering her bedroom, which contained the dry maize.

The boy passed away on Saturday while being transported to Homa Bay County Referral Hospital for medication, according to local assistant Benson Adongo.

The body was taken to the mortuary at Manyatta Kobodo.

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