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Best business ideas for kenyan teachers

Best business ideas for kenyan teachers

There are many business ideas that Kenyan teachers can pursue in addition to their teaching careers. Here are some ideas:

Tutoring Services: 

Kenyan teachers can offer private tutoring services to students who need extra help in their studies. This could be in person or online.

Coaching and Mentoring: 

Teachers can use their expertise to offer coaching and mentoring services to other teachers, especially those who are just starting out in the profession.

Curriculum Development

Kenyan teachers can develop and sell their own curriculum materials, such as lesson plans and teaching resources.

Online Courses: 

Teachers can create online courses and sell them to students who are looking to learn new skills or improve their existing skills.

Educational Consultancy:

 Teachers can start their own educational consultancy businesses, offering services such as educational assessments, curriculum design, and teacher training.

Book Publishing: 

Teachers can write and publish their own books, either in print or electronic format. These could be textbooks, workbooks, or educational guides.

Educational Blogging:

 Teachers can start their own educational blogs, sharing their expertise and knowledge with a wider audience.

Exam Preparation Services:

 Teachers can offer exam preparation services to students, helping them to prepare for important exams such as KCSE, KCPE, and others.

Language Translation Services: Teachers who are fluent in multiple languages can offer language translation services to individuals and businesses.

Educational Toys and Games: Teachers can develop and sell educational toys and games, helping children to learn while having fun.

Best business ideas for kenyan teachers

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