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Cabinet approves deployment of police to Haiti

The National Security Council’s approval of the National Police Service’s deployment to Haiti was ratified by the Cabinet on Friday.

As a result, a motion to consider and approve the ideas in Parliament is now further approved.

According to officials, this will probably be finished next week. The Cabinet discussed numerous other matters during their meeting on Friday at State House Nairobi.

Kithure Kindiki, the cabinet secretary for the interior and national administration, spoke on Thursday regarding the deployment of police to Haiti before the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Administration and Internal Security.

Inspector General of the National Police Service Japhet Koome and Secretary of National Administration Beverly Opwora were in attendance.

Koome said that a rigorous training program in Kenya has begun for the first set of police officers who will be sent to Haiti.

About 200 officers were dispatched to Nandi Hills, where on October 10 the training began.

The team would then go to Magadi, Isiolo, Kitui, and then Embakasi before being despatched on the mission, according to officials knowledgeable of the proceedings.

An individual who is aware with the arrangements stated that they will probably be sent to Haiti by the beginning of November.

Top commanders presided over the training in Nandi on Tuesday, according to witnesses, under the direction of Deputy Inspector General of Administration Police Noor Gabow.

Before departing for their assignment, the first company of personnel will get all-terrain training and a debrief.

According to sources, it is vital to dispatch the first commando unit to Haiti in order to set the scene for the arrival of a bigger contingent.

In preparation for the exercise, more than 1,000 officers will be chosen from the Rapid Deployment Unit, Anti Stock Theft Unit, General Service Unit, and Border Patrol Unit to build a larger squad for deployment.

These officers are expected to get along well with other people from nations that have decided to send their own to Haiti for the same objective because they have paramilitary training.

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