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Chaos as thousands of youths turn up for 1,500 KAPEA job slots

The Kenya Association of Private Employment Agencies (KAPEA) posted 1,500 job openings, drawing thousands of young people to Nairobi, underscoring the severity of Kenya’s unemployment problem once more.

The hiring officers at KAPEA struggled to manage the young people who had attended the recruitment exercise, as seen in an online video.

A lengthy line of applicants snaked out from the agency’s offices, across the parking lot, and into the neighborhood as they arose early to vie for the slots.

The hiring officer mentioned that among the opening jobs were security guards, butchers, waiters, and dishwashers.

She added that in order to increase their chances of landing a job, applicants were free to modify the jobs they had first chosen.

Similar to this, thousands of people applied for 350 positions that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) posted in September 2023. There was a traffic jam as a result of the lengthy lines spilling over onto the Eastern Bypass.

The incidents highlight Kenya’s deepening unemployment crisis, which has left thousands of people struggling to make ends meet.

As per the most recent data available, the number of unemployed individuals increased by 2.94 percent, from 2.89 million in September 2022 to 2.97 million in December 2022, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

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