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CoG protests Nationa Assembly decision on road levy fund

The National Assembly’s decision to set a ceiling allocation for the Road Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF) at 15% has been opposed by the Council of Governors (CoG).

In the event that the House did not change the percentage for 2024–2025 to 20%, the Council threatened legal action.

The 9th National and County Government Coordinating Summit decided to resume the Roads Maintenance Levy Fund Conditional Grant to County Governments with an allocation of 20%, according to CoG Chairperson Anne Waiguru.

The Council criticized the National Assembly’s decision, stating that the MPs should have changed the RMLF Act to include county governments in compliance with summit recommendations.

The Kenya Rural Roads Authority requested to lower projected funding caps for constituency roads from 22 to 15 percent and for important roads from 10 to 6.8 percent, but the National Assembly rejected both requests.

Regarding the county distribution, the House highlighted that while the summit had decided to explore RLMF allocation to the counties in the Financial Year 2024/2025 through a restructured method, its execution was impractical.

MPs claimed that in order to implement the resolution, the 1999 Kenya Roads Board Act would need to be revised.

The Council sought more funding, claiming that the constitution gives the County Government control over all other roads and the National Government control over National Trunk Roads.

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