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Controller of budget says her salary budget was added 3 times by treasury

Margaret Nyakang’o, the controller of budget, has stated that, in contrast to what she is paid, the National Treasury has increased her salary budget three times.

In her appearance before the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO), Nyakang’o disclosed that the circumstances were comparable to those of many other public servants.

She claims that a portion of the nation’s high cost of living is due to the National Treasury’s deterioration.

Nyakang’o suggested lowering taxes on necessities and broadening the tax base as ways to lower the cost of life in the nation.

Furthermore, she put up strict recommendations for eliminating corruption, guaranteeing openness in government operations, and making sure public funds are used appropriately.

Nyakang’o also desires the establishment of a social welfare program to support vulnerable groups such as low-income families, the elderly, and the crippled.

Experts from the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Parliamentary Budget Office were among the other experts that spoke before the committee to share their opinions on the cost of living.

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