DCI Officer on Spot for Stealing Woman’s Phone While in a Tuktuk

DCI Officers

A member of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has been detained for snatching a woman’s phone.

The cop in Turkana grabbed a mobile phone worth Ksh25,000 from a woman in Mombasa, raising concerns about the officer’s ethical behavior.

The woman told police that a Tuktuk driver stole her phone as she was receiving a call while buying food from a street vendor.

Mombasa detectives eventually discovered that the three-wheeler driver was a coworker assigned to Turkana.

It was unclear what the officer was doing in Mombasa at the time.

The incident occurred about 9 a.m., according to police reports.

Officers arrested the man and transported the tuk-tuk to Central Police Station. During interrogation, the suspect was discovered to be in possession of a police badge bearing the name Said Omar Mazima, who identified himself as a police officer assigned to the DCI Kibish in Turkana County.

Kenyans have previously blamed an increase in crime rates on police laxity and officers with criminal tendencies.

Mazima vowed to kill the fruit vendor who had tried to chase him after stealing the woman’s phone.

We were unable to determine whether the officer was on vacation in Mombasa or resides in the coastal city.


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