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Dorcas Gachagua, money won’t force us to legalize LGBTQ

Deputy President spouse Dorcas Gachagua has stated that money is not going to be a deterrent to her changing her position on LGBTQ issues in the nation.

Speaking at a burial in Matura village, Ol-Jor-Orok Nyandarua County, Mrs. Rigathi stated that same-sex weddings and relationships are forbidden by African culture, the Kenyan Constitution, and holy texts.

“It is so unfortunate that many of us today are afraid to say the truth. When it comes to matters of LGBTQ we must say what the bible says. We cannot not and we must not move from that stand. No matter how much money will be used, we must stand by that truth, ” she said.

This comes at a time when Western countries have been punishing countries that do not legalize LGBTQ.

Such countries include the neighboring Uganda where they pushed a law to have anyone suspected to be an LGBTQ member bound to arrest.

This did not sit well with the US which they sanctioned and restricted some businesses with the country. Museveni strongly condemned the incident and said no amount of intimidation would make them throw away their culture.

We are yet to see Kenya take a step on the issue as even Ruto has been dodging such questions on the matter.

Dorcas Gachagua has been seen campaigning on the incident saying that Kenya would reject any attempt to have LGBTQ legalized in the country.

The court is yet to make a ruling on the issue as the judges are said to be given a special book to guide them in making decisions regarding the matter.

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