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DP Gachagua claps back at Julius Malema after he attacked Ruto

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua responded to opposition parliamentarian Julius Malema of South Africa on Saturday, after the latter denounced President William Ruto for making unfounded promises.

Speaking at St. Thomas Girls Secondary School in Kilifi during a church service, the DP criticized Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters, pointing out that South Africa had greater economic difficulties than Kenya.

“I have seen a man from South Africa. He doesn’t even know about Kenya and is talking about it,”

“I want to advise foreigners that when they visit countries, let them respect leaders from the countries they are visiting. Likewise, we have also traveled abroad but have never been insulted.”

Gachagua claimed that although Malema was a well-known political figure in South Africa, he had not been able to provide workable answers to the nation’s challenges.

Gachagua went on to accuse Malema of acting as if he knew everything, particularly when it came to international politics.

“If you are saying that Kenya is bad, then why come here? This guy arrived in Kenya in the morning, and by noon, he had known all the affairs of the county?”

Based on his observations during his recent trips there, Gachagua claims that one of the issues South Africa was dealing with was electricity rationing. The DP stated that power rationing in December 2022 caused him to be caught in a seven-hour blackout in South Africa.

Thus, he requested that guests refrain from snooping around Kenya’s problems, concentrate on their own plans, and return home in peace.

In preparation for the opening of the Pan African Institute at Lukenya University in Makueni County on Thursday, Malema arrived in Nairobi.

Young politicians from all throughout the continent support the Institute, a lobby group that works to promote continental integration.

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