Drama in Baringo as MCAs Vote to Remove Road Minister Over Unkempt Beard


On Wednesday, MCAs debated a motion to remove Public Works, Transport and Infrastructure CECM Lekonaya Kibwalel from office due to claims of public misconduct and having unkempt beards.

Kisanana Ward MCA Jacob Cheboiwo introduced the resolution to remove the minister, which was debated for nearly four hours.

MCA Cheboiwo accused the CECM of attending county gatherings dressed shabbily and often intoxicated, which he claims violates the Public Officer Ethics Act.

MCAs who rejected the move chastised the County Assembly for delaying a ‘useless’ resolution while the county was dealing with more significant challenges such as insecurity and hunger.

Others chastised their colleagues for bringing a motion to the House floor that is unimportant to the public.

During the voting, 22 MCAs voted against the motion, while 18 voted in favor of removing the CECM.


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