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EPRA announces yet another increase in fuel prices

The prices of Super Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene have all been raised by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), each by Sh5.72 per liter.

Through a stabilizing mechanism that will be supported by the Petroleum Development Levy (PDL) in accordance with the Petroleum Development Levy, Order of 2020, the state has protected consumers from the anticipated increase.

Super Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene in Nairobi will henceforth be sold at Sh217.36, Sh205.47, and Sh205.06, respectively, as of midnight for the following 30 days.

A litre of super petrol would have cost Sh8.79 more, a liter of diesel Sh16.12 more, and a litre of kerosene Sh12.05 more without the subsidy.

According to EPRA, if it weren’t for the Government-to-Government agreement, the USD liquidity issues the petroleum sub-sector was experiencing before to April 2023, when the program began, would have gotten worse.

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