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Ezekiel is not totally free, ODPP reveals after court dismisses case

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) has disclosed that Pastor Ezekiel Odero is still being closely examined by the prosecution as they look into possible connections to the Shakahola massacre.

The prosecutor clarified that investigations were still underway and that no case against the man of the cloth had been dropped in a late-night statement on Tuesday, rejecting media reports.

The declaration was made in response to media reports published hours earlier that claimed the Judiciary had ordered the release of Pastor Ezekiel’s Ksh1.5 million bail and that the case against him was no longer active.

The prosecution wanted to hold Odero for seven days when he was first taken into custody, according to the ODPP.

Following the initial court ruling, the ODPP concurred that the pastor’s release on bail did not require him to continue appearing in court or at a police station.

Later, on Tuesday, August 31, when the court closed a custodial file, his case was mentioned.

Early in the day, media sources said that Odero was freed following the ODPP’s decision to end all of its investigations against him.

Several media sources even cited the prosecution’s court submissions and a decision for the file to be closed following the conclusion of the inquiry.

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