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Former IEBC Commissioner Calls Chebukati Presentation Video a Shame

Former IEBC commissioner Molu Boya interrupted former commission chair Wafula Chebukati’s presentation in Portugal.

Boya responded to a video that Chebukati had shared during his presentation on Tuesday.

The video demonstrated how chaos broke out in the auditorium on August 13, 2022, just hours before Chebukati declared the election results at the Bomas of Kenya on September 15, 2022. A number of leaders supporting opposition leader and Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga attempted to sabotage the proceedings.

In response to the video, Boya denounced the offenders and described the incidents as a national disgrace.

He pointed out that even though using technology to boost election integrity was successful, impunity persisted in the 2022 elections.

Ex-IEBC Commissioner Abdi Guliye disclosed earlier this year that he spent three days in hiding after the drama surrounding the Bomas of Kenya in August 2022.

Guliye claimed to be at an undisclosed location with Commissioner Boya Molu and the commission’s CEO, Marjan Marjan.

“After the Bomas announcement of the presidential results, I recall going into Siberia in my own county together with CEO Marjan and Commissioner Molu, we went into hiding, put off our phones and left them at Bomas,” he stated.

Chebukati and two former commissioners resigned from the commission on January 17, 2023, following six years of service.

According to Chebukati, the general election in August of last year was successfully held.

He claimed to have raised the standard for the next commission.

Along with former commissioners Boya Molu and Abdi Guliye, the former head of the IEBC claimed to have set the standard for their successors.

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