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Government suspends launch of Maisha Namba

President William Ruto had originally planned to introduce Maisha Namba and the Digital ID on October 2, 2023, but that date has been postponed owing to “unavoidable circumstances,” according to the government.

A new launch date would be announced in due course, Julius Bitok, the Permanent Secretary for Immigration and Citizen Services, promised in a statement on Friday, September 29.

The administration has given the populace assurances that the continuing stakeholder engagement and public involvement forums on Maisha Namba and the digital ID ecosystem will proceed as scheduled.

About maisha namba

The Maisha Namba’s inclusion into a citizen’s life at birth is one of its distinguishing qualities. Babies now will receive their card along with their birth certificate when they are delivered in a Kenyan hospital, starting their official identifying process.

It will become crucial to children’s academic records as they mature and start school. This change is part of a larger initiative to update and digitize government services so that Kenyan citizens can access them more easily.

The Maisha card will be adopted by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as the official identifier for tax purposes. To ensure more precise tax assessment and collection, taxpayers will be expected to include their Maisha Namba when filing their taxes.

The card is created with digital accessibility in mind. The possibility for citizens to keep a digital copy of their Maisha Namba on their smartphones will lessen the need for paper papers and improve convenience and security.

Kenyan nationals will receive a Maisha Card at the age of 18, which is anticipated to incorporate the Maisha Namba and function as a more thorough form of identity. This card will serve many purposes, including allowing users to vote and access financial services, making it an essential piece of identity for adult Kenyans.

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