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Governor Barasa says mumias people elected a clueless mp

On Sunday, Mumias East residents were chastised by Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa for choosing Peter Salasya to represent them in parliament.

Shortly after the legislator was attacked by thugs during a church fundraising event, the governor was giving a speech.

After asserting that Barasa was not advocating for and assisting in the rebirth of Mumias Sugar Company, the MP was physically assaulted by thugs.

According to Barasa, Salasya had never had to address a large crowd before and lacked the poise and ability to manage the situation.

Barasa also requested that Moses Wetangula, the speaker of the National Assembly, make sure Salasya’s bodyguards be disarmed.

The governor also said that the people of Mumias East may have made a mistake electing a ‘clueless boy’.

He further addressed the national assembly speaker Moses Wetangula telling him to snatch Salasya bodyguards firearms.

Salasya had earlier thanked his bodyguards for ensuring that he was not armed during the scuffle.

He further alleged that the goons who took away the mic from him when he was addressing congregants were working under Barasa’s instructions. 

He clarified that by carrying a weapon inside the church, they had violated the law.

The first-term governor claimed that Salsya had not participated in the development plan but had only attended the ceremony to generate havoc.

Salasya had already expressed gratitude to his bodyguards for making sure he was unarmed when the altercation occurred.

He further claimed that Barasa was the one giving orders to the thugs who snatched away his microphone while he was speaking to the congregation.

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