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Governor Kawira asks MP Mpuru Aburi to apologize for his remarks about her marriage

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is being demanded to apologize by Tigania East Member of Parliament Mpuru Aburi due to a videotape that was shown in the Senate during her impeachment hearing.

In the footage, MP Aburi can be heard aggressively criticizing Governor Mwangaza for not having children with her present spouse.

The politician can be heard speaking in Meru vernacular and making a charged statement while rubbing a stick between his palms.

When asked to report to the Senate what the MP had said, Governor Mwangaza responded as follows:

“He is saying he has given me 9 months to be pregnant and if that is not done. He will do it via what he is holding,” Mwangaza stated before shedding tears.

The lawmaker is now claiming that the head of Meru County edited the video to support her allegations, and he is on his way to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to file a report and request an investigation.

MP Aburi asserts that he values and respects women much and that he has never made any remarks that would be seen as demeaning to them.

The lawmaker declared that he would provide the DCI with the entire recording of his remarks to support their investigation.

Speaking on Friday, MP Aburi said that Governor Mwangaza had come home victorious following her second attempt in less than a year to be removed from office through impeachment.

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