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Grieving Parent Blames Maranda High School for Son’s Death

Grieving Parent Blames Maranda High School for Son’s Death

A grieving mother has revealed that her son, a form three student at Maranda High School, died due to what she believes was school negligence.

Anita Daniels revealed on social media that she interred her son Christian Kiplagat three months ago, after he fell ill at school and died at the hospital in Eldoret to which he had been transferred.

When the young student became ill, Anita accuses the school of negligence.

She claims that the school delayed her son’s transfer to a medical facility in Bondo and told her he was responding well to treatment when he was actually doing poorly.

Anita was at home with her 6-month-old child when she received a phone call from a Maranda High School teacher informing her that her sick son had been transferred to a facility in Bondo Township for treatment.

Anita recounted that she received a call from Christian’s class teacher, who informed her that Christian had been admitted to Haven Hospital in Bondo.

According to the teacher, Christian had been diagnosed with Malaria, Bacterial blood infection, and Meningitis.

Anita expressed her desire to speak to Christian and requested the teacher to pass the phone to him.

However, the teacher explained that she had left the hospital as she was invigilating exams and suggested that Anita could talk to Christian later in the evening.

When she mentioned going to Bondo to check on her son, the teacher informed her that he was alright and that she should not make the trip.

She insisted on traveling to Bondo due to her maternal inclinations. Anita traveled to Bondo with her 6-month-old infant child. Surprisingly, when she arrived, her son was in a dire state.

Anxiety gripped me as I witnessed the condition of my son, who was severely ill. He lay in bed with his head drooping and visibly swollen.

We inquired about his well-being and if he recognized me, but he could only sob and express, mum kichwa inaniuma sana na shingo” (Mom, my head hurts a lot, and my neck too).

The clinical officer treating him informed Anita that her son had Malaria and a blood infection, but that further tests on the kidney were recommended due to the facial enlargement.

Anita requested that her son be transferred to a facility in Eldoret, but the clinical officer and Maranda High School insisted that he was doing well and that the transfer was superfluous.

After two hours of pushing and dragging, they were on their way to Eldoret for Christian’s specialized treatment at her insistence.

During this period, however, the young man’s condition deteriorated.

On their way out of the Bondo facility, the security at the entrance informed Anita that her son had arrived on a damaged motorcycle.

She reports that Christian fell ill two days earlier than expected, but was given painkillers and confined in the dormitory.

She claims that the school was negligent in this regard.

The trip to Eldoret was lengthy and nerve-wracking. Christian had very little time for him. As his condition had deteriorated upon arrival, he was given oxygen.

A few moments later, he passed away while receiving treatment, as his father and mother watch helplessly.

Anita expressed concern about the qualifications of the nurses and medics employed in boarding schools, questioning the safety of children in such environments.

Referring to the autopsy results, she highlighted that Christian’s cause of death was severe bacterial meningitis, a condition that should have been treated within the first 14 hours of experiencing headaches.

Anita added that if Christian had received timely medical attention, she would not have needed to write about this unfortunate incident.

Anita states that it has taken her some time to share this story and that doing so is part of her rehabilitation process.

Grieving Parent Blames Maranda High School for Son’s Death

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