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GSU officers sorround Simba Arati’s office in Gusii Stadium

On Monday, a group of General Service Unit (GSU) officers encircled Kisii Governor Simba Arati’s office at Gusii Stadium.

According to reports, the governor’s access to the stadium where he holds a secondary office has been restricted.

Though it’s still unknown what they’re chasing, the officers were driven to the scene in a police truck with other law enforcement vehicles.

According to sources, the GSU surrounded the office after directives from higher up.

According to additional reports, the GSU battalion raided some of the governor’s offices located at the largest stadium in the county.

Arati had stated in a previous speech that the battalion had invaded his property at night in an attempt to carry out the raid, but he preferred that any inquiries be conducted during the day.

The county executive pleaded with the federal government not to send police to harm Kisii youth, the majority of whom depend on the boda boda industry for their daily sustenance, during his speech on Sunday.

Additionally, he asserted that national party political leaders had a tendency to split its youth in order to destabilize the devolved units.

Arati and the ruling Kenya Kwanza have been at odds for some months now, as a result of rumors from some coalition leaders that security would be removed for certain governors.

He insisted that he would not back the Kenya Kwanza government even though he pledged to cooperate with the prevailing administration.

Since assuming the position on September 8, 2023, Arati has been the Deputy Chairperson of the Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) National Executive Committee (NEC).

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