Hamas attack in Israel hits a death toll of 1000


Following a large coordinated attack by Hamas terrorists that began early Saturday, there have been about 1,000 verified deaths in Israel and Palestine.

According to the UN, airstrikes in Gaza have forced 123,000 Palestinians to flee, with about 74,000 of them seeking refuge in schools.

Oil prices increased on Monday as traders anticipated a protracted battle in the area that produces the fuel.

President Joe Biden assured Tel Aviv of Washington’s “rock solid” backing as the USS Gerald R. Ford was being moved closer to Israel.

A BBC reporter reported that rockets were still being fired into southern Israel on Sunday night from the Palestinian territory of Gaza.

The worst escalation between the two sides in decades occurred on Saturday morning when the terrorist Hamas faction unleashed a barrage of strikes.

The UN Security Council held crisis meetings on Sunday after hearing reports from a number of other countries that their own people had been murdered or kidnapped by Hamas.

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