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High Court suspends new ID and passport fees

A notice published in the Gazette that raised fees for various government services, including as applying for passports and national identification cards, has been halted by the High Court.

The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration, who was given permission to update fees and taxes on services rendered by the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services, announced the new costs.

The updated prices included processing visas, passports, applications for new IDs, and other registration and immigration services, among other necessary services.

Many residents expressed their concerns and annoyance with the additional levies on social media sites, which was received with widespread discontent.

Many Kenyans, who believed that the higher prices were excessive and would make it impossible for them to obtain basic services, applauded the decision to freeze the new taxes.

ID card replacement: Sh2,000, up from Sh100
Birth and death certificate registration Sh200, up from Sh50.
34-page standard passport: Sh7,500, previously Sh4,500.
Passport with 50 pages: Sh9,500, previously Sh6,000.
Passport with 66 pages: Sh12,500, previously Sh7,500.
From Sh12,000 to Sh20,000 for a lost passport.
Sh20,000 replacement fee for a damaged passport, up from Sh10,000.

Kenyans will still be required to pay the previous fees for basic services including applying for new IDs, getting replacements, applying for passports, processing visas, and other registration and immigration services because the new prices have been suspended.

Some residents view the revised levies as an extra financial hardship on those who are already struggling financially.

Some allege that the government has increased the expense of leaving the nation for Kenyans seeking better chances overseas after failing to lower the cost of living.

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