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Inside Bandits’ six-hour siege of Baringo South School

More than 227 students in grades six and eight at Kapindasum Primary School in Baringo South were reviewing in their classes at nine on Tuesday in order to be ready for the national exam that will take place the following week.

A short while later, a mile from the school, there were multiple gunshots heard; General Service Unit (GSU) officers on patrol had encountered armed offenders, and a heavy gunfight broke out.

Teachers and students went into a panic, some running to the dormitory and others scurrying for cover on the classroom floors.

The armed criminals who had encircled the school and its surroundings were engaged by security officers, including police reservists and reinforcements from the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU), while the pupils remained motionless on the floors for over six hours.

According to Winnie Jeruto, after hearing the gunshots, their professors ordered them to lie motionless until things returned to normal, even though several of them were crying in fear.

The headteacher of the school, Elijah Kiptoon, stated that the pupils experienced trauma and fear as a result of the occurrence.

A few of the students’ possessions, such as clothes and buckets, were destroyed by gunfire during the standoff between the cops and the criminals.

.. The professors and pupils lie on the floor for six hours. They didn’t even get up from their seats or eat lunch, much less go relieve themselves.

The head instructor made it clear that the students would take their national exam at their institution and that they would not be frightened in spite of the attacks.

The shooting took place from 9 a.m. to just after 3 p.m.
At a little after 3:30 p.m., two military helicopters were also observed circling the school before taking off.

A few residents who were on their farms close to the school compound were also caught in the assault and had to spend more than five hours hiding in a cow dip.

As kids were having their lunch break on October 3, armed attackers opened fire into the school grounds.

The head teacher claims that an hour after the offenders were driven back from the school premises by security personnel while herding their livestock some 300 meters away, the school was attacked.

Under the pretense of looking for pasture and water, the criminals are thought to be among several illegal herders from the nearby town who had invaded the area with their cattle.

The crooks and some police reservists on patrol in the vicinity came into contact at around noon on Monday. What followed was a protracted and intense gunfight that lasted for over ten minutes.

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