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Kabarak student dies after allegedly being hit by a police car

On Sunday, Kabarak University students demonstrated their disapproval of the university in the streets following the death of a student in an incident involving a police van.

The deceased has been identified by police and students as Kabarak University first-year pharmacy student Joshua Plimo.

The Menengai Police Station recorded the incident under OB no. 02/19/11/2023.

Witnesses claim that the driver of what appeared to be a police van with government registration plates lost control of the vehicle after he or she missed a bump and struck the student.

The collision happened on Saturday night at about nine o’clock along the Nakuru-Ravine highway.

After being taken to the school’s sanatorium, the student was declared dead a short while later.

“The student tried to avoid being hit by the speeding vehicle but it was too late. The vehicle hit him hard,” said a witness.

The driver is said to have sped off from the scene of the accident.

Police officers from Mang’u Police station led by the OCPD arrived at the scene of the accident – and promised to investigate the matter.

The OCPD also thanked the students for maintaining peace, and went ahead to confirm that the alleged vehicle had been detained – and that investigations were ongoing.

In a statement issued by the Kabarak University Students Organization (KUSO), the students’ leader expressed her deepest condolences to the family on behalf of the students adding that they shall not let the matter be swept under the rug.

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