Kawira Mwangaza Made a Triumphant Return To Meru Following an Unsuccessful Impeachment

Kawira mwangaza triumph entry

On Friday, Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza triumphantly went home after fending off an impeachment attempt, her second in less than a year.

At the Meru town entry, the Governor crossed the Kathita River on foot, where she was greeted by a joyful crowd.

It was a reference to the hometown where he had been rejected, and it was nearly as symbolic as Jesus’ victorious arrival in Jerusalem. But in this instance, Mwangaza was returning home to help her community.

She spoke to them in the vernacular, and they enthusiastically and energetically answered her in kind.

The majority of the 47 Senators did not support any of the seven allegations brought against the Meru County boss by the County Assembly, which voted unanimously to remove her from office. As a result, the boss emerged victorious.

She was charged with stealing county funds, abusing her position of authority by usurping her statutory authority, intimidating and defaming other officials, naming a public road after her husband without permission, and disobeying the Meru County Assembly.

A dejected Kawira Mwangaza apologized for her behavior toward the Senators, Members of the County Assembly, and MPs when presenting her final comments to the lawmakers before they voted on her destiny. She also asked for their forgiveness.

Talking to the masses she said, “I pray to God to give me more energy and grace…na Mungu anipe kuvumilia kwingi to see the people of Meru happy. The Members of Parliament, our dear Deputy Senator of this House, the MCAs, Deputy Speaker…if I have wronged anyone of you, forgive me,” she said.

“I was elected as an independent Governor, I know I need MCAs. I have tried my best and still continue to try my best to see that I work with everyone. No one is an angel; I am not an angel each and every one of us has our his or her own weaknesses. It is my prayer to God that the weaknesses that they may have, God will help me so that as we work together as a team and make Meru people happy.”

“Thank you and I pray that you give me a second chance,” she implored even more.

Following a two-day hearing on the impeachment case against her, the Senators cast their votes on all seven of the charges brought against Governor Mwangaza at midnight on Wednesday.

After the Senators voted to drop all charges, she was granted fresh start in the county and returned to Meru.

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