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Kawira Mwangaza Step Daughter Begs Kenyans For Financial Help To Clear Fees

The daughter of university student Murega Baichu, Riziki Baichu, has made a plea to Kenyans to assist her in paying the remaining Ksh150,000 of her school fees so that she can take her final year exams.

In an interview with on Sunday, the young girl shared her worries about her current circumstances and begged for support from her community to enable her to finish her education degree at Murang’a University.

The young woman disclosed in the interview that she has had multiple arguments with Meru’s first gentleman and does not have the best of connections with him.

According to reports, the charge has accrued for at least three semesters even though the student is government sponsored.

The 22-year-old, who is the firstborn in a family of three, has grown up with her mother ever since her mother and Baichu parted ways and Baichu wed the troubled Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza.

Riziki bemoaned how the soaring expense of schooling in the nation has made her financial situation worse.

The administration has suggested raising school fees in government institutions in spite of parental pleas.

Parents will have to spend more money since government school fees could increase under the proposed 2023–2024 structure.

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