KCAA move to court to claim land where Ruto’s Weston Hotel is

KCAA move to court to claim land where Ruto's Weston Hotel is

In an effort to regain ownership of the property where the Weston Hotel is located, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has renewed its request for the High Court to become involved.

According to KCAA, it has been two years since Weston received orders suspending the case in order to pursue an appeal, which has not advanced at all, in a new application submitted to the Environment and Lands Courts.

In 2021, Weston moved to the Court of Appeal, criticizing Benard Eboso, the High Court Judge, for his insistence on hearing a petition submitted by KCAA.

The state agency filed a petition contesting a National Land Commission report that suggested Weston pay for the disputed airport land rather than having the property demolished.

In his objection to that case, Weston requested that the High Court dismiss the case due to lack of jurisdiction.

However, the High Court turned down the request and ordered a full hearing to be held on the case.

Angry, Weston filed an appeal. The High Court case was then ordered to be put on hold so that Weston could continue with his appeal.

However, the KCAA now claims that Weston did not pursue the appeal.

Through its attorney, Stephen Ligunya, KCAA states, “There are no attempts, evidence, showing that Weston has obtained any directions on the appeal and neither has it served upon us any directions for the disposal of its appeal.”

KCAA claims it is entitled to a fair trial and a prompt resolution of the primary lawsuit, which Weston is limiting because it did not pursue its case in the appellate court.

For the past two years, KCAA claims it has been unable to use the land due to the evolving circumstances in the case.

It requests that the September 2021 orders that suspended the case’s hearing be overturned and that the case be heard as soon as possible.


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