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Kemri warns of impending pandemic devastating more than covid

Scientists at Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) have warned that the next pandemic might be even more destructive than the Covid-19 and have asked for laboratories to be enhanced.

Speaking at the Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) workshop’s official opening ceremony, which has drawn attendees from 14 nations in the Horn of Africa and East Africa, the scientists took intentional steps to mitigate its effects.

The scientists claimed that if goods needed to be produced for that purpose, they ought to have done so by now because the anticipated pandemic might occur soon.

According to Prof. Matilu Mwau (below), the aforementioned pandemic could be caused by viruses related to DNA, RNA, or other molecules, but it will undoubtedly be an infectious agent of large proportions.

He stated that the institute, as well as the nation’s overall research capacity and early warning systems, need to be strengthened.

Mwau specifically brought up the alarming frequency of human-animal interaction, particularly with wild animals.

Prof. Elijah Songok, Director-General of Kemri, stated that the region is home to a variety of newly and re-emerging diseases, including Ebola, Rift Valley Fever, and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, which could cause havoc and fatalities if appropriate precautions are not taken to prevent them.

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