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KEMSA CEO put on the spot for holding payments belonging to suppliers and contractors

On Wednesday, lawmakers questioned Dr. Andrew Mulwa, the acting CEO of the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), asking him why the organization is still holding Ksh16 million that is promised to suppliers and contractors for work that began in 2013.

The Acting CEO defended the failure to pay the dues, stating that the Public Works Department had not provided KEMSA with completion certificates indicating that the works they were contracted for had been completed. He was speaking while appearing before the National Assembly Public Investments Committee on Social Services Administration and Agriculture.

Additionally, the Acting CEO asserted that suppliers and contractors had not submitted their claims for payment.

Ferdianand Wanyonyi, a committee member and the MP for Kwanza, set out to find out why KEMSA had not reported the money to the Unclaimed Assets Authority or even attempted to contact the contractors and suppliers it had been owing money to for more than five years.

Mary Wamaua, a Maragua MP, also inquired about the projects’ condition and whether or not KEMSA had attempted to learn more about them.

The MP further instructed the CEO to inform the Committee of the location of the money’s deposit and whether any interest was being earned on it.

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