Kenya Differs With Israel and US Over Hamas-Israel War in UN


In contrast to Israel and the United States of America (USA), which voted against the resolution, Kenya was one of the countries that approved it and called for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas militants.

The United Nations General Assembly resolution urging an immediate, long-term, and continuous humanitarian truce between the two warring nations was voted down by 14 countries, including the US and Israel. The resolution was drafted by 22 Arab countries, with Jordan leading the charge.

A total of 120 nations supported the resolution, with 45 others abstaining, among them Canada, which had presented the Assembly with a report aimed at denouncing Hamas for its attack on Israel on October 7.

Ambassador Martin Mbugua Kimani, Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the UN, read the country’s position on the matter and voted on Kenya’s behalf prior to the Assembly’s plenary session.

Later, Canada attempted to condemn the Hamas attack with an amendment, but it was unsuccessful because it lacked the required two-thirds majority.

The nation in North America believed that Hamas had committed an act of terrorism and wanted to force the release of all civilian hostages. Kenya supported Canada in the failed amendment, being one of the minority.

President William Ruto criticized the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas on October 8, stating that terrorism cannot be justified.

When Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was denounced by an equally overwhelming majority of nations in February of this year, the UN General Assembly last addressed a significant issue pertaining to war and peace.

Israel is reportedly receiving air defense and ammunition from the Superpower, the United States, as part of its support for Israel against Hamas.


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