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Kenya Kwanza senator initiates process to impeach judges

On Thursday, January 4, Kiambu Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa disclosed to the Senate his proposal to change the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) Act as well as the High Court Act.

According to Thang’wa the goal of the action was to guarantee that judges would be subjected to the same standards of accountability as other state officials who hold constitutional offices.

Thang’wa noted that judges were not subject to an evaluation every five years, in contrast to politicians—including the President—who were.

Therefore, the legislator stated that more judges would be impeached if his suggested revisions were approved by the chamber.

Nine of the eleven members of the JSC are from the judicial community. Because they are unable to crack the whip on their own, this has hindered the Commission in its delivery, he clarified.

By the Senator’s new proposals, the JSC will be reorganized to include more non-legal members of the public.

He clarified, “This can be achieved by increasing the membership of the JSC or reducing the number of judicial officers in the commission.”

Sen. Thang’wa clarified that the impeachment judgment should not be interpreted incorrectly because the Kenya Kwanza administration singled out certain judges.

He clarified that, like any other state official, the judges who were shown to have violated their oath of office ought to be impeached.

The Senator is also suggesting further modifications, such as creating a Policies Court within the High Court that will deal with cases involving government policy challenges.

He said that this would be similar to the High Court’s current Employment and Environmental Courts.

Chief Justice Martha Koome declared in a statement on Wednesday that judges will not be deterred by other branches of the government.

President William Ruto responded by saying that while he supported the judiciary’s independence, he opposed the practice of rogue judges operating with impunity.

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