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Kenyan bishop embezzles millions intended for a children’s home from a US donor

A US donor has requested assistance from the Kenyan legal system to reclaim a children’s home and school that she was duped by a bishop in Naivasha.

In order to establish an education center for underprivileged and vulnerable children, Sherri Gonzalez explained that she traveled to Kenya a year after founding a nonprofit organization in 2016.

She met a bishop serving at Oasis Grace in Naivasha, Kenya, and he pledged to assist her in establishing the school.

The main goal of the Karagita, Naivasha-based Sherri’s Education Center was to make sure that children who were at risk of not making it through puberty attended school.

When the center opened to pupils, Sherri told the press in a video that she had to keep sending money to the bishop to keep it running.

When Sherri realized she had been duped in 2020, the children’s home was officially registered under the bishop, and she has been working to regain her school ever since.

Sherri wants justice to be done so she can return to school and continue to assist underprivileged youngsters in the nation.

One of the biggest contributors to the project’s fundraising efforts, her son Genos Derwin Williams, a former NFL player, helped raise millions of dollars.

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