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Kenyan-made bikes used by DCI officers in operations

One of the nation’s top police units, the Anti-Terror Police Unit is tasked with apprehending terrorist suspects.

The team affiliated with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) periodically conducts speed bike-based skill development training as part of their programs.

Interestingly, several of the motorcycles utilized for the instruction were locally made Kibo bikes.

The CEO of Kibo Motorcycles, Huib Van de Griisparde, is credited with developing the high-octane machines.

According to the company, Griisparde’s 2011 vacation to Africa inspired the idea for the bikes.

DCI training

In particular, ATPU’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is primarily trained using the fuel-powered 2nd Generation Kibo K160R and Kibo K250.

Kibo K250 uses 29 kilometers per litre on average and has a maximum load capacity of 250 kg. The bike costs Ksh334,000 and weighs 153 kilograms.

Conversely, the Kibo K160R boasts a 10.4-liter tank that provides an average mileage of 40 kilometers per liter. At Ksh235,000, the bike has a weight of 153 kg.

In addition to ergonomic handlebar controls and an enhanced clutch switch to avoid unwanted starting, it has a larger instrument panel and wider side mirrors for improved sight.

Along with its superior performance, the K160R boasts a more substantial appearance and increased efficiency.

These characteristics give the emergency team’s officers the necessary stability and speed to practice moving through various terrains and firing while moving.

Notably, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) was entrusted with combat and hostage evacuation when it was established in 2019, many months after the Dusit terror assault.

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