Kenyans advised on how to remove Ruto and his government from office

ruto and kenya kwanza

On Wednesday, Ekuru Aukot, a former candidate for president in 2017, suggested recalling President William Ruto and the whole Kenya Kwanza cabinet, claiming that it was a significant burden for Kenyans.

Aukot claims the law gives Kenyans the right to call for the dissolution of Ruto’s government so that new elections can be held.

According to Article 1 of the Constitution, the Kenyan people own all sovereign power, which they may only use in compliance with the document.

Since Kenya Kwanza’s elected officials had let the people down, Aukot believed that Kenyans ought to assert their right to self-government.

The Kenyan Constitution states that the national and county levels are where the people’s sovereign sovereignty is exercised.

The government of President William Ruto has come under fire for the rapid rise in commodity prices brought on by the rising cost of living.

Kenyans have also voiced complaints about higher taxes as a result of the introduction of additional levies by the Finance Act 2023.

The President has defended his government on multiple occasions, claiming that he was increasing the country’s reliance on crops fed by irrigation and decreasing its excessive reliance on loans.

Ruto currently holds sway over the Senate and National Assembly, making any attempt to remove him from office extremely difficult.

However, as provided by Article 104 of the Constitution, the people might thwart his government by calling for the recall of Members of Parliament.

“The electorate under Articles 97 and 98 have the right to recall the member of Parliament representing their constituency before the end of the term of the relevant House of Parliament.

“Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for the grounds on which a member may be recalled and the procedure to be followed,” 


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