Kenyans Make Fun of the Government After YouTuber Mr. Beast Drills 52 Wells in the Country

Mr beast in Kenya

Following the construction of 52 dams by American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, known as Mr. Beast, Kenyans have questioned the government’s ability to provide services.

52 of the 100 wells that the well-known YouTuber planned to dig throughout the continent would be in Kenya. The filthy water that school-age children are required to drink astounded him.

The content developer claims that volunteers are all that is needed for these kinds of projects—a large amount of funding from the government is not necessary.

He asked well-wishers to keep sending money so that additional wells could be built and more humanitarian projects could be carried out.

After the well is drilled, the water is carried to tanks on the water towers so that the locals can have clean, convenient water.

Donaldson disclosed that it took more than eight months to finish the continental project.

The YouTube content maker, who has over 200 million subscribers, recounted the path of her projects, including their before and after images.

He additionally constructed a bridge in a nearby village while he was there. The movement was impeded by the bridge’s poor state, which grew worse during periods of intense rain.

In addition, he gave the nation’s elementary schools laptops, bookcases, projectors, footballs, and whiteboards.

In order to improve the lives of the people there and dig more wells, the YouTuber also traveled to Zimbabwe and Cameroon.

Kenyans took the chance to comment on the situation and draw comparisons between Mr. Beast’s projects and those started by regional politicians.

Some Kenyans expressed dissatisfaction over politicians using more funds to start projects than for the projects themselves.

They also conveyed concern that certain local authorities would claim ownership of Donaldson’s initiatives.

Some brought up the incident involving Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, who launched a mud classroom but arrived in a helicopter while serving as a Tharaka Nithi Senator.

Others made fun of President William Ruto for restarting abandoned projects and distributing contaminated tap water in Kirinyaga.

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