Kenyans now to dig deeper when purchasing tokens as prices increase

Kenya Power Announces Reduction in Token Prices

In its most recent analysis of electricity costs, Kenya Power raised the prices for tokens.

According to, the adjustment was implemented last week as seen by the difference between token purchases made on October 2 and Tuesday, October 10.

Kenyans who bought tokens on October 2 for Ksh200 received 7.52 tokens; today, the same amount only buys 7.1 tokens.

According to the breakdown of token purchases, the increase in fuel energy charge from Ksh31.28 to Ksh35.07 was what caused the change in token value.

This came about as a result of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority’s (EPRA) September 14 hike in fuel prices.

Super Petrol prices climbed by Ksh16.96 in the October review, while diesel prices rose by Ksh21.32. The price of kerosene jumped by Ksh33.13 per litre.

However, the dominance of the dollar over the Kenyan shilling was the cause of the rise in token prices. Dollar has been above Ksh145 for the last week. A dollar is now exchanged into Ksh148.

The decrease in EPRA charge, which went from Ksh0.6 to Ksh0.56, counteracted the minor change.

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