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Kindiki announces Monday 13th as a holiday for this specific event

Kithure Kindiki, the interior cabinet secretary, has proclaimed Monday, November 13 as a public holiday.

The CS said in a special gazette notice that the Ministry of Environment has designated the day as the national tree growing day for the current short rains season, with a goal of 500 million seedlings.

The effort is scheduled to be a part of Kenya’s Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration-Towards the Growing of 15 Billion Trees project, according to the CS.

Kindiki disclosed that the planting activity will take place in a specific national location.

At the national site, President William Ruto will serve as the event’s host.

Furthermore, additional locations in each of the 47 counties will be announced, with Cabinet Secretaries and Governors serving as the hosts.

By encouraging more Kenyans to plant trees across the nation, President Ruto has taken the lead in efforts to increase the amount of forest cover in the nation.

Reducing the effects of climate change in the nation is another goal of the exercise.

Prior to this, Ruto had pushed Kazi Mtaani members to participate in planting the 15 billion trees in ten years.


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