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Kirinyaga woman found dead in her bedroom, shamba boy goes missing

A Ugandan national is being sought by police on suspicion of killing his employer in Kombuini village, Kirinyaga county.

Rose Muthoni Kariuki, 64, was discovered dead inside her home on Saturday morning after being strangled.

The neighbors said that when they failed to recognize the deceased and went to check on her, they grew suspicious.

They were horrified to discover her dead in the bedroom with blood streaming from her nose and mouth when they arrived at her property. The dead woman’s neck was also bruised, which was a glaring indication that she had been strangled.

The household had a missing farmhand from Uganda who was thought to have been involved in the horrific killing.

The isolated village’s residents are still in shock following the deadly attack.

According to the locals, the deceased widow was living alone in her house because all of her children had left home and found jobs.

When word of the tragic incident spread, relatives rushed to the place and saw the deceased’s lifeless body lying on the bed, they were overcome with sadness.

First aid had to be given to a few of the relatives who had fallen.

The family members pleaded with the authorities to investigate more.

Mr. Njiru Wambu, the Kangai Ward Representative, stated that he was shocked to learn of the deceased’s death despite having known her for five years.

He said she was a kind, modest, and God-fearing individual who didn’t deserve such a torturous conclusion.

The MCA urged the authorities to make sure the murderer receives justice.

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