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KPLC MD explains why there are always power outages in parts of the country

Joseph Siror, the managing director of Kenya Power, has given an explanation for the recent power outages and rationing that have occurred throughout Kenya, especially in the districts of South Nyanza and Western Kenya.

During his Tuesday appearance on Citizen TV, Siror ascribed these difficulties to limitations in the transmission infrastructure.

According to Siror, lengthier transmission lines are more likely to encounter problems; in this instance, capacity limitations affect the line between Kibos and Awendo.

Furthermore, he noted that the majority of the regions receive their power mostly from variable-renewable sources like sun, wind, and water; this explains why power supply problems occur frequently.

Siror used the Lake Turkana Wind Power facility as an example, pointing out that on Tuesday, October 17, there wasn’t enough wind to produce the usual 300 Mega Watts of electricity. Rather, the plant’s output was limited to about 60 Mega Watts.

He clarified that the power company is required to take action to reduce power consumption in this particular scenario.

In order to reassure the public, he revealed that the government had approved a major investment of Sh16 billion to build a more efficient link that would cut the line distance between Kibos and Awendo from approximately 500 kilometers to a much shorter 80 kilometers.

He continued by saying that although the distance between Awendo and Olkaria was only roughly 200 kilometers, there was a situation in which Awendo was fed by a transmission line that stretched nearly 500 kilometers.

Siror went on to say that the suggested remedy called for building a brand-new transmission line that would run roughly 60 kilometers from Olkaria to Narok.

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