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KRA lists things to declare upon arrival at the airport

The items on the list provided by the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) must be disclosed upon arrival in Kenya.

Travelers entering the nation from overseas locations would be subject to taxes on personal items valued $500 or more, or Sh75,000, according to a directive implemented by KRA.

Items that will be subject to declaration include:

Things that you bought and are bringing back to Kenya.

Things you acquired while traveling.

goods you purchased over the permitted limits in duty-free stores, on a cruise, or on an aircraft.

any fixes or modifications made to any objects you brought back from a foreign country, even if they were done for free.

Gifts and other items you brought home for someone else.

Things you plan to utilize or sell for your business, such as business supplies you brought with you from Kenya.

When arriving at Customs, any currency worth more than $10,000 or its equivalent MUST be disclosed.

KRA claims that the passenger must declare the actual amount paid for each item on the passenger declaration form, in US dollars.

It stated that an item purchased on vacation is still obligated even if it is used.

The $500 tax on personal items subject to customs duty will be reviewed by the Kenya Revenue Authority, according to a statement from the government last week, Isaac Mwaura.

Kenyans were outraged when the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) attempted to enact the East African Community Customs Management Act of 2004.

According to Mwaura, the government and KRA have discussed the fee.

Kenya will need to confer with other member nations in order to impose a higher threshold on new items that are subject to taxation under the East African Community Customs Management Act if their overall worth surpasses $500.

However, it appears that Kenya and the EAC have a larger cap than nations like South Africa, which permits products priced up to 5,000 rands, or $271, or Sh41, 101, and Nigeria, at $63.49 (Sh9, 593).

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